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Some more Lee Loadmasters came in $400.00 ea.

38/357 mag


40 cal

45 Acp

223 rem


Special buy only one left


Item #043350  $90.00


351 and 401 WSL dies in stock again.


 We import custom MGM (Match Grade Machine) Encore and Contender Barrels.

 Tons of calibers and almost any barrel length you want.

 Payment for barrels will be via EMT (or money order) only.


223 Remimgton 24" blued Heavy contour 1:9 $520.00


257 Roberts 26" Blue   $520.00


 300 Win Mag 26" Blued Heavy contour 1:10 $520.00


 338 Win Mag 26"Blued Heavy contour 1:10 $520.00


 358 Winchester 24" blued Heavy factory (prohunter) contour 1:14 $620.00


 338 Winchester mag. 26" SS Heavy factory (prohunter) contour 1:10 $655.00


 375 H & H mag 26" SS Heavy factory (prohunter) contour 1:12 $655.00


 444 Marlin 24" Blued Heavy contour 1:20 $520.00




 MGM bought out the unfinished stock of the TC Custom Shop when they closed. TC had welded the lugs on and MGM, Chambered, Cut to length, Crowned and Finished them.  Before they were all gone I bought some and am bringing them in.  The first batch (blue) should be here in about a month,

 Encore barrels. 

 204 Ruger 24" heavy (prohunter) contour  SS  $ 500.00


243 Winchester 15" (prohunter) contour  SS  $ 420.00


270 Winchester 24" heavy (prohunter) contour  Blue $ 465.00


 270 Win 24" SS Tapered Factory contour $ 500.00


375 Win 21" SS Tapered Factory contour  $ 500.00


 375 Win 21" Blued Tapered Factory contour $ 465.00


 38-55 Win 24" Blued Tapered Factory contour $ 465.00


 38-55 15" (prohunter) contour  Blue $ 420.00


 45-70 15" tapered contour SS $ 450.00 (two available)




 Green Mountain Barrel blanks in stock


   22 LR


   22 Mag






   6.8 mm








   45 colt


   44 mag






    45 acp (on order)




 Chamber casting material same as the name brand just cheaper.  One pound only $37.50. When cast into the chamber (melts at low temperature) it shrinks for the first 1/2 hour for easy removal then is the exact size as your chamber after one hour.

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If you are looking for something special it doesnt hurt to ask. Many times things come and are gone before we can list them 



 RCBS Small base dies with Taper Crimp for Semi Auto's  in calibers 223, 6.8 and 308 win 




.351 bullets for reloading the 35 wsl and 351 wsl. 180 gr.RN $24.95 /100 (note these are copper plated suitable for loading at lead velocities.)




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 Replacement barrel blanks and barrels for the Thompson Center, Encore and Contender series of rifles and handguns.